Q: Id like to do some TSI in my property do I have to bear the full cost of that?
A: Not necessarily. Give us a call and we can work through that with you. Often times cost sharing is available for those types of activities.

Q: Why is it important to work with a consulting forester when doing a timber sale cant I just work directly with the logging company?
A: You can work directly with the logging company, but you may not get the best price for your timber! Also, it pays to have someone managing not only the sale, but the harvest to help protect your property from damage by the logging process.

Q: I own wooded property. What would be the advantages of being in the Managed Forest Law program?
A: Like any government program, there are pros and cons. Give us a call to discuss so that we can help you decide if the MFL program is right for you.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum number of trees that you can plant?
A: Please give us a call to discuss your project, but we plant as many as 100,000 trees each spring, so no job is too large!

Q: What does a forest management plan look like?
A: We go over your goals prior to doing the plan and then the plan has action items that will help you achieve your goals. Those action items can be as detailed as you would like, so that you can take them on yourself, or contract with others to do them.

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