Timber Stand Improvement

Timber stand improvement (TSI) is the removal and control of invasive, non-native (exotic), lower value and/or undesirable species in order to improve the growth, value, and regeneration of more desirable species.

These invasive and non-native species typically include buckthorn, honeysuckle, garlic mustard, box elder, and multi-flora rose just to name a few. These species can out-compete the more desirable species such as oak and cherry. Without controlling these species, they will continue to perpetuate and inhibit regeneration.

Crop tree release is also part of timber stand improvement practice. This practice focuses on selecting a tree with a straight stem, very few lower branches, large healthy crown, and few if any defects and removing lower quality trees that are affecting the selected crop tree’s growth.

We provide the following timber stand improvement services:
  • Manual cutting of undesirable species to improve the growth and value of the desired species
  • Application of select herbicides to control the competing weed species

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