Timber Sale Setup and Administration

Many landowners do not use the services of a professional forester (less than 20% in Wisconsin) when selling their timber, and this can result in receiving far less than their timber is worth. This can occur when the woods are not marked properly (i.e., harvesting the higher quality trees while retaining the lower quality trees).

We believe in using science-based forest management prescriptions when marking a woods for harvest. We tailor the prescription to meet the landowner's goals and objectives, while still maintaining sound forest management principles.

At Brooks and Christie Forestry Consultants, LLC, we provide the following timber sale set-up and administration services:
  • Timber marking according to scientifically-based techniques to help improve the woods and achieve your management objectives.
  • Preparation of a timber sale prospectus and marketing the products to regional timber buyers to ensure the maximum value.
  • Preparation of a timber sale contract between you and the timber buyer that best represents your interests and resources.
  • Random inspections of the harvesting operation to ensure compliance with the timber sale contract and to prevent environmental damage to the site.

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